On Wednesday 22nd September, Year 6 visited Bridlington Harbour as part of our ‘Local Area’ topic for history. We visited the Harbour Master, Lawrence, who told us about how the fishing and shellfish industry has developed over time and that Bridlington is now one of the biggest shellfish ports in Europe. We even got to see (and touch) live crabs and lobsters, which are some of the most valuable shellfish in Europe due to their high quality. We then visited the Harbour Heritage Museum, where the curator, Mr Ball, explained how they were restoring boats and showed relics from the maritime past in Bridlington, including the propeller of a German U-Boat. We then had a walk with Mark, the Harbour Commissioner, who helped us to complete a quiz of views around the harbour, explaining the history of many clues, including the Gansey Girl.  After our packed lunch, we headed home, leaving the watchful eye of the seagulls behind.

You can see more from the days events in the film below.