Welcome to Burlington Junior School Council

Our School Council members are a group of pupils who meet regularly to discuss the current matters within the school. Each class has one School Council representative who has been democratically elected in an anonymous vote. They sit on the council for one academic year and involve themselves in different events such as Comic Relief and Sports Relief, as well as helping staff to organise and run stalls at the different school fairs. Our council members are also responsible for listening to comments from their peers to help improve things around school. They relay feedback from their peers to staff members to ensure that the pupil voice is strong throughout the school.

Please find below your new school council representatives. They are responsible for listening to your comments to improve things around school. Please give them any suggestions you may have to make our school a better place. Many thanks!

School Council Representatives:

Class 1:   George James

Class 2:   Maisie Crutchley

Class 3:   Liam Tate (Maisie Sugden)

Class 4:   India Collinson

Class 5:   Harry Foster

Class 6:   Hope Russell

Class 7:   Emily Garbutt

Class 8:   Flora Clark

Class 9:    Caitlin Whiting

Class 10:  Grace Dean

Class 11:   Aimee Marson

Class 12:  Libby-May Beaumont

Class 13:  Ben Gaden

We have a board in school that we display minutes from the meetings and photographs, so that everyone can see all the good work the school council are doing on behalf of pupils.

Should you require a paper copy of any document on our website, this can be requested from reception on 01262 674487.