Our Curriculum

Shaping Positive Futures – Achieving Our Full Potential

At Burlington Junior School our core aims and values are carefully threaded through everything that we do. Our curriculum intent is to ensure that all our children:

  • Are emotionally healthy, socially confident and understand how to have positive relationships with others.
  • Enjoy enrichment experiences to gain knowledge and develop rich vocabulary.
  • Be motivated and driven to achieve their full potential.
  • Respect diversity and individuality and make a positive contribution to society.
  • Are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be confident learners.

At Burlington Junior School our aims are implemented through our rich and varied curriculum and school ethos to nurture our children holistically. We feel it is essential to ensure that their emotional well-being, health, relationships and social skills are prioritised and supported along with their academic learning and achievements.

Our core values are used to promote positive behaviour for learning and relationships. These values are embedded in our curriculum and promoted throughout the school day. Each half term focusses on one specific core value to enhance behaviour and strengthen relationships. These core values are: resilience, respect, tolerance, calmness, kindness and responsibility. Children are encouraged and empowered to be resilient, in control of their emotions, have good self-confidence and high self-esteem. Our curriculum shows children the importance of being proud of themselves, their work, learning environment and community. Positive relationships with parents and carers is also vital to ensure and promote strong moral, social, spiritual, physical and mental health.

Our curriculum is broad and well balanced enabling all learners to gain invaluable knowledge and skills essential for active participation in modern British life. It nurtures a lifelong love of learning, provides children with intellectual challenge and promotes curiosity and ambition. The curriculum and learning environment provides opportunities for all children to achieve and reach their full potential in all that they do.

We are proud of our community and believe that by joining together we can achieve much more. Children gain invaluable knowledge and understanding about their local area as well as the wider world through enrichment such as specialist visitors in school, trips, workshops, out of school clubs and a wide variety of sports. These experiences enhance the children’s understanding of the world, different people, their beliefs, values and religions and promotes the importance of respecting diversity. British Values are celebrated and promoted throughout our curriculum and intrinsically woven throughout the many different subjects and themes.

Our curriculum is based on the acquisition of knowledge and it is from this knowledge that our children draw upon to develop the essential skills of evaluating, analysing, problem solving and independence. Children are immersed in a language rich curriculum which serves to enhance and develop their written and verbal communication skills. Key vocabulary, including transferable words and concepts play a central part in our curriculum. This knowledge is essential for learning both inside and outside of the classroom environment and will effectively prepare the children for the next steps in their education.

Our curriculum is taught in an engaging, interesting and inspirational way. It is book led, directly linking reading and writing with challenging and engaging texts. We actively seek opportunities to link subjects together, where possible, to create exciting and diverse themes. These have been created to inspire and motivate our children whilst still meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The impact of our curriculum intent and implementation are rigorously monitored and evaluated through assessments, a robust monitoring system and pupil voice.

At Burlington Junior School we strive to meet the needs of all our children through our rich and engaging curriculum. Our children are actively encouraged to succeed, compete within a range of different subjects and environments and to be reflective and independent learners. Our ultimate aim is to empower our children to be effective members of society who are emotionally healthy, happy, socially confident and able to achieve their full potential both in school and beyond.