Our Curriculum

All children are entitled to a broad, balanced, relevant, progressive and differentiated curriculum, regardless of background, gender or ability. At all stages of development, learning will be structured and provide a stimulating, enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Equality of access and equality of opportunity will underpin provision for all. We are very keen to ensure that all children are offered the very best learning opportunities that stimulate and challenge. We understand that all children are different and some children require additional support in order to progress further.

The progress of all children is tracked regularly and this helps us to identify those children who may need different or additional provision. Children who require additional support may be identi ed as having SEND support.

If your child is accessing SEND support provision you will be informed and consulted. Each child placed on the SEND support register will have a Termly Support Plan which outlines the additional support the child will be given to help achieve agreed outcomes.

Parents/carers will be invited into school each term to review the plans and to help identify the next steps. Interventions range from one to one support to group work, from Maths and Literacy skill development to Social Skills sessions.

There are a range of interventions used in school and we look for the intervention which best suits the needs of the individual child. We also have a register, and make additional provision for children who we consider to be Gifted and Talented. You will be informed if this is the case for your child.