Class 9 and five children from Class 11 spent the day at Hull Collegiate Collage today as part of a STEM in Action day. The aims of the event were to make real the aspects of the Science and Technology National Curriculum and highlight how diverse and exciting Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics really is and to foster positive and effective links between business and education.
The children took part in five different hands-on sessions throughout the day:
  • The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – the children found out what it was like to be a marine biologist.
  • Bloodhound – we learnt about the world land-speed record attempt and built our own model rocket car using a balloon as propulsion.
  • Hull University – we learned how robots might shape our future and had a go at programming one.
  • Racing to School – we found out what it takes to be a jockey and had the chance to ride an equaliser (a dummy horse which is used to learn riding techniques).
  • Lessons 4 Life – we learnt some extremely valuable life-saving techniques, including how to carry out CPR. We also learnt the importance of when to call an ambulance in order to not waste the emergency services’ time – therefore saving lives.
A great day was had by all.
You can see more in the film below.