Our annual poetry competition took place last term.  The children put a lot of effort into their recital.  However the winner was Class 7 with a poem written by Sara Adams and Miss Tebbett called ‘School Days in Winter’.

School Days in Winter

Mrs Beckett it’s cold outside, snow is falling all around.
Can we build a snowman, hope it comes alive.
Hopefully we will get a now day or two.
No school, yippee, for me and you.
What will we do?

Will we use our sledges
Will we slip and slide
Will we wrap up warm
Will we play and hide
We will avoid yellow snow.

Santa’s coming, hear the sleigh bells.
We must be nice not naughty.
In December anyway.
Or no presents for us or you Headteacher.
Unless you are good on school days.

Green, Amber, Red that’s what we do.
Now we have the Golden Circle so watch what you do.
Santa will be watching, to see how we do.
Green is a go, Amber is a no
Red is a no go.

Christmas is coming and a New Year
‘Tis the season to be full of cheer
2020 will be Burlington’s Outstanding Year
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year