Yesterday, Year 3 had a visit from Dr Alison Buxton for a special day of Design & Technology, with a little bit of science thrown in for good measure.

The children had to do 3 key processes:

  • Make their frame
  • Design and make their panels
  • Make an electric circuit to power an LED to light up their lantern

Once finished the children could put all their elements together.  The children learn lots of new skills with this sort of day, especially if things don’t quite go to plan as they have to learn to adapt their design or overcome a problem.  They learn how to use sharp and hot tools in a safe fashion.  How to measure accurately and design their project.  Listen to feedback from other children, what worked for them and collaborating together as a group to achieve success.  The day was a huge success with all the children enjoying creating their Christmas Lanterns.

You can see more from the days events in the film below.