Burlington Junior School

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    A Warm Welcome to Burlington Junior School in Bridlington.

    Achievement for All Working in Harmony

    • Sir Steve visits Burlington Juniors

      Sir Steve visits Burlington Juniors

    • Welcome to our school

      Welcome to our school

    • Having fun reading

      Having fun reading

    • Getting together

      Getting together

    • We love learning

      We love learning

    • Working in harmony

      Working in harmony

    • Achievement for all

      Achievement for all

    • Representing the school council

      Representing the school council

    • Having fun with friends

      Having fun with friends

    • Caring and sharing

      Caring and sharing

    • Enjoying our lessons

      Enjoying our lessons



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    360 Tour

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    Our Ethos

    At Burlington Junior School we aim to provide an enjoyable and exciting learning environment where all children can achieve the highest possible standard in all that they do.  We work hard at encouraging confidence in our students; we try to raise the level of self-esteem of all children by planning and delivering a broad and balanced curriculum where children are encouraged to express their individuality and be proud of their achievements.

    Burlington Junior School values and looks after the needs of every child and strives to make sure that all of our pupils enjoy their time here.  It is a place to grow in friendship and life learning which equips the children through the rest of their education and life.

    We aim to :

    Be independent, take risks and challenge ourselves.

    Join together as a community to achieve beyond expectations.

    Succeed in a competitive environment which is purposeful, engaging and inspiring.

    Headteacher – Mrs A Beckett

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