The children had a fantastic time on their ‘Paintbox’ trip that was organised by the Children’s University.  The focus of the trip was to learn all about David Hockney and we visited the area where one of his famous paintings was created.

The children were all lucky enough to receive their very own sketch book. We then walked through nature, listening out for the birds and various wildlife before arriving at our sketching destination. Here, the children were able to sit for 45 minutes and sketch their surroundings. They were told how David Hockney liked to change the horizon line on his paintings, and the children explored this technqiue.

In the afternoon, the children were able to explore with paints. Again, in the style of David Hockney, they were able to colour mix a variety of colours. The most exciting element was that if they wanted to paint the fields blue then they could (as that is also part of David Hockney’s style).

All three classes were very lucky with the weather and really enjoyed their art experience day!