Science Project Homework

On 6th March pupils at Burlington Junior School brought their Science Project homework back in to school. The standard of the projects was very high and the imagination and creativity displayed by pupils was astonishing.

Year 3 are learning about the human body and were tasked to do something on a balanced diet, nutrition, exercise or the bodies skeletons and muscles.

Year 4 have been focusing on animals therefore their project could be about pets, wild animals, habitats, food chains or endangered species to name a few.

In Year 5 it’s all about forces. Air resistance, water resistance, friction or write a biography about a famous scientist who discovered, investigated or still investigates forces.

Meanwhile in Year 6 they were learning about classification/living things and their habitats.

The children had free reign on creation of their project, using any media including technology, art, sculpture, essay or even a diorama. There were no restrictions. As usual our pupils came up trumps with amazing project work. All the children will have the opportunity to present their project to the rest of their class.

You can view photographs of the projects in the film below.