Science at Burlington Junior School

At Burlington we are creative thinkers, investigators and collaborators. We are all developing our Science skills in an engaging, ‘hands on’, challenging, immersive and independent way. We celebrate our successes in: the classrooms, the halls and assemblies, with our families and also with the wider school community.

We are engaged. We aspire and dream of being F1 drivers, architects, forensic scientists, zoo-ologists, marine biologists, neurosurgeons, technical/digital engineers and Scientists who work to save endangered species.

We take pride in our work and enjoy working independently and in teams. We learn and show learning in many various ways.

We are starting to think more about our future in Science. We are striving to raise the Science Capital of all pupils, by organising events such as the up and coming ‘Science Careers‘ day (which is being planned by the STEM for Girls’ club).

We enjoy using good resources and connecting with other schools, Science organisations and the wider community. Amazing visits have included our trip to Kidzania in London where we experienced jobs like being a Paramedic, a Vet, a Pilot and an Air conditioning engineer. We also loved visiting Tim Peake’s Soyuz capsule. We were in awe during our live Skype link up with the Challenger Learning Centre in the USA, who work in conjunction with NASA, which was all about the Mission to Mars.

We are increasingly aware of Scienfic vocabulary, working Scientifically, skills and understanding enquiry types.

We want to develop our young Scientists including being exposed to more outdoor learning experiences and further learning with more cross curricular Science.

The future is very exciting for Science at our school including a huge, surprise experience coming to Burlington Juniors very soon and hopefully a Space Camp in the summer term!

You can see more of Burlington Junior School experiencing Science in the film below.