Last Friday, a group of girls from Burlington attended the BP STEM event at Ron Dearing Engineering College in Hull, having been invited by HEY Childrens University.

There is a national shortage of girls taking up STEM subjects and moving into STEM careers which the government and businesses are trying to address. They had a fantastic day, which was organised and run by BP. There were many BP staff in attendance and the ‘girls only’ event consisted of various exciting tasks and activities.

They worked in teams to design towers which had to be sturdy enough to hold weights and also to be as tall and stable as possible. They had the opportunity to try VR head sets which was a great experience for many of them. They also created and tested various prototypes to make a balloon more aerodynamic and travel faster than any other, inspired by the current Blood Hound team (who are aiming to break the world land speed record).

It really was a fantastic day. We are hoping for some of the Science Professionals to visit us at Burlington in the near future.