Investors in Pupils

We have achieved the Investors in Pupils award.

The main purpose of the award is:

To develop, embed and enhance pupil voice and participation strategies and provide opportunities for children to take responsibility for their own education and behaviour.

There are fourteen criteria which we have to meet and these are grouped into five key areas:


Positive behaviour contributes significantly to positive learning and we try to ensure all pupils can make the most of their time at Burlington Juniors:

  • Personal educational targets are constantly worked towards by pupils. They are then able to choose a small reward when each target is achieved.
  • Staff are employed effectively to ensure all pupils can access the lesson effectively.
  • Staff update pupils when staff training has been attended so that pupils can understand why learning is a lifelong journey.

A love of learning holds many rewards – the children at Burlington are really adapting to the challenges presented to them!


Conduct and behaviour is frequently discussed with pupils at Burlington Juniors. Pupils are able to evaluate their own behaviour and help each other to identify how they can build on this further. Strategies put in place to help pupils include:

  • Ensuring all pupils have a classroom target which is set by the pupils themselves to help them identify an area of behaviour or learning that they want to work on. This might not just be a target for at school, but could be for home as well. Pupils are then able to choose a small reward when this target is met!
  • All pupils and staff writing and signing a classroom charter whereby all class members agree the conduct expected of them.
  • Giving pupils extra roles and responsibilities (such as register monitors, Sports Leaders etc.) around school to help them focus on the positive contributions that they can make.
  • Having a pupil-led lunchtime group (Playground Pals) who help resolve any issues or worries that pupils have.
  • Eco team members take pride in caring for the BJS environment and educating their peers about how they can do this too!

Hopefully you might have noticed that there has been a positive impact on your child’s behaviour away from school as well – we would love to hear your success stories!

Attendance, including punctuality

Attendance is a crucial part of successful learning. At Burlington Junior School, we are constantly striving to meet, maintain and hopefully beat the national average of 96% every week. To do so, we:

  • Put regular updates in the weekly newsletter.
  • Review the attendance of each class and year group on a weekly basis.
  • Select one lucky pupil to receive a shop voucher to celebrate their 100% attendance for that week.

Classroom management

  • Each class has a class council member who has been elected democratically. These representatives attend regular school council meetings, representing their peers in the school community.
  • Each class also has an Investors Inspector, whose role is to monitor our progress towards the Investors in Pupils award. These representatives have been democratically elected and regularly feed back to their peers.
  • Sports Leaders also play a key role in the Burlington community. They play an important role at lunchtime, supporting staff and facilitating different games for other pupils.
  • Each class reviews the cost of classroom resources and how responsibly they are using them.

Our pupils certainly recognise the importance of taking on extra responsibilities and of supporting their friends along the way!


At Burlington Juniors, we aim to give every pupil, parent and member of staff a warm welcome to our school community. To do this:

  • All classes develop a class ‘Induction Booklet’ that identifies the key adults for their class and also within the year group. There are also members of staff designated to specific year groups at lunchtimes to make sure all pupils develop the skills to navigate the school with increasing confidence and independence.
  • The office staff are a main point of contact offer all visitors to the school a warm welcome.
  • Open mornings are offered to parents to enable them to see how the school operates on a daily basis and for them to take a greater role in their child’s education.
  • New members of staff are given induction sessions and a detailed tour around the school.

With the help of the school council, all children had the opportunity to be involved in working towards the award. This  included meeting with key staff members and governors, taking on monitor jobs within school, working towards individual and class targets and producing induction booklets for new pupils.

We were confident that our work towards the award would allow us to build on the existing good practice and make further improvements in school. We are very proud of all our Pupils.

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