On 8th March 2018, myself and some other children from Burlington Junior School went on a trip to the National Railway Museum (which is in York) to see Tim Peake’s Soyuz capsule that he came down to Earth in.

When we got to our destination we saw loads of different trains such as The Rocket and The Mallard. After that we had a closer look at the trains. The sheer size of them was impeccable, they were massive! We could see all the wheels that made them move at amazing pace (there were so many). Surprisingly we saw an ambulance train and we went for a tour around the weird train. I know I have never seen one of them before, have you?
Afterwards there was a tunnel that was located under a train so you could see it in much more detail and we were allowed in it. It was awesome! You could see all the different parts that make trains what they are, such as: cogs, nails, wheels and many more!

On the other side of the tunnel was the Mallard simulator which was made to simulate what it would be like to be on the train when it broke the world record for the fastest train at the time in 1938. Most of us had a go and it was amazing, it felt like the real thing. I loved it!

Just after that it was time for dinner and we all sat down on some benches in the museum. Once we were all full we took turns to go to the gift shop. There were loads of different things to buy but I bought a slinky. Unfortunately it was time to go home and we all went back to school on the bus.

By Logan Carter Class 10