The children in Years 3, 4 and 5 have all had the opportunity to visit Murton Park as part of this term’s topic. Year 3 are learning all about the Stone Age and Iron Age, as part of that the children dressed up and moved into a stone age village. They had to make clay pots, created some stone age artefact drawings, had to work on the land and plough the soil to grown their own crops. The children also had to grind some wheat to bake some bread. Finally they had to go hunting – bears, wolves and deer were on the menu – The pupils have learned how a stone age village is very different to our modern society.

Some Quotes from children in class 2.


“It was really good!” – India
“I enjoyed farming and look after the land.” – Paul
“I liked making clay pots and getting messy.” – Maisie

You can see more from the trip in the film below.