On Monday we had a visit from Mrs Singh who held an assembly on Hinduism.  She asked the children questions to find out what they knew about religions and beliefs and then explained about Hinduism, how old it is, where it originates and the gods that they believe in.

After the assembly the children in Year 4 had workshops with Mrs Singh.  They had the chance to try on traditional clothing, try their hands at some Indian dancing, eat some Indian food and see some traditional objects.  The children really enjoyed seeing all the interesting things.

“I enjoyed the dancing, they wear different clothes to us.  The ladies wear a Sari and although they believe in many gods we also have a god.” – Grace – Class 5

“The food was really nice and I liked the dancing.” Harley – Class 5

“I wanted to know how to make the chapati because it was super yummy.” Luke – Class 5