Egyptian Trip – Year 4

Over the course of Monday and Tuesday the whole of Year 4 travelled to Hull to visit the Hands on History museum as part of their topic. Excited on arrival, the children were soon plunged into a world Egpytians! Over the day the children were able to build on prior knowledge as well as learn lots of new things about Egyptian life. Each group took part in practical activities such as mummifying a pharaoh, sketching and learning about artefacts and even made some papyrus! As well as this the children were able to view the sights of the museum even getting to see a real life mummy

Quotes from the children

“I really enjoyed getting mummified!” said Isaac
“I really liked making the papyrus because it was really fun and it felt like we were in Egypt!” said Daniel
“The best part of the trip was looking around and seeing a real mummy. It looked a little mouldy and it’s feet were broken.” said Molly.