On Wednesday 14th November, six members of the Burlington School Eco-Team attended an Environmental Conference at the Guildhall in Hull. Along with children from nine other schools across the East Riding, they discussed a wide range of topics including; the sustainability of the rainforest, respecting the planet, climate change, global warming and recycling. Children were encouraged to share their views regarding the environment and the problems that human impact causes.

After lunch, the children entered the chamber to role play a real life situation faced by an international corporation regarding the Amazonian rainforest in Venezuela. This involved a debate between the oil company, the World Development Bank, World Wildlife Fund, the rural community, governors and the people Burlington represented along with another school – the indigenous people. The discussion to decide if a clearance should be made to enable the laying
of an oil pipeline was lively with many opinions and several recesses. Negotiations were eventually made and everyone enjoyed the experience.

At the end of the day, we came back more aware of our actions that are having a negative impact on the planet and what we can do to address the situation.
Well done to Ava, Taneesha, Isaac, Brooke, Summer and Maddison