Pupils from Burlington Junior School visited Densholme Farm near Hull last week.  They had the opportunity to learn about farming and animal husbandry.  The children were able to see lots of farm animals including chickens, pigs and pygmy goats.  They learnt about organic farming and how crops are grown.  It’s important for the children to understand that food doesn’t start it’s life in a plastic sealed package from Tesco (other supermarkets are available) and what it takes to look after and care for both animals and crops.

The children had the chance to see and sit on a tractor and use other equipment used in farming.  They learnt how to make flour from wheat and how to grind it so that it becomes the soft, white flour we know, to make our bread.  All the children had a wonderful time and behaved really well.

You can see more from the days events in the film below.