Animated Objects

Last week we had Animated Objects Theatre Company working with the pupils at Burlington Junior School. The children have done a range of activities relating to their topic work. Year 3 have produced some typical Stone Age art work, using chalk and pencil, whilst years 4 and 5 had the opportunity of using charcoal to [...]

RE Day

On 7th June  pupils at Burlington Junior School had an RE day.  It is important that the children learn about faiths  and religions around the world and have an understanding of how their beliefs, may differ from others, but also the similarities they can share. Year 3 were designing stained glass windows, with their focus [...]


Last term Year 3 were investigating all about volcanoes and earthquakes.  They have been learning why they happen and how they form?  As part of their DT project the classes built their own volcanoes, painted them and then had great fun in the playground making them all erupt. You can see more in the film [...]

Science at Burlington Junior School

At Burlington we are creative thinkers, investigators and collaborators. We are all developing our Science skills in an engaging, ‘hands on’, challenging, immersive and independent way. We celebrate our successes in: the classrooms, the halls and assemblies, with our families and also with the wider school community. We are engaged. We aspire and dream of [...]