On Friday afternoon, the Eco-Team went into the new nature/garden area on the field. The Eco-Team were set the challenge to build a bug hotel.

Firstly, the Eco-Team researched what was needed to build the hotel. The materials that they used were;
• 5 wooden pallets
• 12 bricks
• 4 drainage pots
• 2 roof tiles
• Branches and twigs
• Logs
• Bark
• Dry grass
• Leaves

The pupils had to work together to correctly construct the hotel. The aim is to attract different types of insects to the area. The children really enjoyed constructing the hotel and BEEing part of a team, working really well together. Let’s hope the insects and bugs can WORM their way in! Well done to everybody involved, we await the creepy crawlies with ANTicipation taking up residence.