On Thursday a group of children from Burlington Junior School attended an Environmental Conference in Hull.  The conference covered many different topics over the course of the day, ranging from Local/Global Environmental Impact, Consumerism, Transportation to tasting raw cocoa.

The children learnt lots of different things about our rainforests, the amount of nappies used in a day and the fact that the Earth used up all it’s natural resources this year by 29th July, which means that we are currently using nature up 1.75 x faster than the Earth can replace those resources.  They discussed the effect growing Palm Oil is having on the rainforest, the amount of food and products wasted on Christmas Day alone. (All the cracker toys made from single use plastic.)  The children also had the opportunity for some role playing in the Council Chambers.  Burlington pupils took the role of rural people.  All the children came away with a certificate and more understanding of how we are hurting our planet.

Pupil Quote

“It was really interesting, I learnt a lot of new things.  It was life changing as I now turn my TV off and not leave it on standby and I’m aware of the wastage in my family.  We must all try to reduce, reuse and recycle.” India, Class 10

You can see more from the days events in the film below.