Today pupils in Year 5 had the opportunity to experience Space through the power of Virtual Reality headsets. The children had the chance to fly around the planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, looking at all the detail on each and listening to facts about them. At the end they had the chance to see the whole solar system and where the planets are in relationship to each other. The children clearly enjoyed their visit. Hopefully we have inspired and encouraged some Burlington pupils to go where no person has gone before…

Quotes from pupils.

“It was really fun.” – Bethany
“It was good because the headsets made you feel like you were in space.” – Chloe
“It was cool because you set off on a rocket.” Kaya
“It was interesting looking at all the planets.” Alyssa
“It was weird looking round and not being in the classroom but in space.” – Zane
“We learned a lot of facts, like Mercury has a lot of craters because it has been hit by a lot of rocks.” Lucy

You can view photos from this morning in the film below.