School News

Hit the Surf

Each year the pupils in Year 6 head down to the beach to learn about beach safety and what to be aware of in the [...]

African Furniture Donation

Last year at Burlington, our pupils were lucky enough to benefit from new furniture in their classrooms - as our old desks and chairs were [...]

Stay and Solve Years 5 & 6

Every term each year group plays host to their parents in a lesson. This gives parents the chance to see what goes on in school [...]

Burlington Display Boards

Each term when the pupils start a new topic we showcase their work on our display boards round school. We have some smashing artists and [...]

Outdoor Learning Day

All the children spent a lesson outside on 18th May as part of the Outdoor Classroom Day. The sun shone thankfully and the children of [...]

Gardening Club

Gardening club have been growing their very own edible grey oyster mushrooms from a kit greatfully donated by Grow Wild from the following Url: [...]