Welcome to Burlington Junior School Council

Please find below your new school council representatives. They are responsible for listening to your comments to improve things around school. Please give them any suggestions you may have to make our school a better place. Many thanks!


Class 1:    Isaac Hatton

Class 2:   Logan Metcalf

Class 3:   Daniel Chadwick

Class 4:   Kenzy Walkington

Class 5:   Jackson Barker

Class 6:   Liam Hatt

Class 7:   Azat Ciftci

Class 8:   Josh Moss – Vice Chair

Class 9:    Michael Hart

Class 10:  Paige Withey – Vice Secretary

Class 11:   Spencer Ball – Chair

Class 12:  Robyn Ray – Secretary

We have a board in school that we display minutes from the meetings and photographs, so that everyone can see all the good work the school council are doing on behalf of pupils.