Living Seas – Flamborough Visit

On Friday a group of children travelled to the Flamborough Living Seas Centre in conjunction with HEY Children’s University for the day. All the children were very excited as they made their way to the beautiful beach on what was a gorgeous Autumnal day.

First they collected litter from the beach and learned from the staff about the terrible consequences of littering the ocean. Later they went rock pooling, where due to recent lunar activities and the tide, there was a vast array of different sea creatures such as crabs, lobsters, fish, star fish and snails. The children loved it.

After lunch they collected natural materials from the beach and created fantastic beach art. A seal appeared on a rock nearby which the children were very excited about too.

All in all, we had a really lovely day and learned lots about marine life, potential careers in science and the environment. A huge thank you must be sent to HEY Children’s University and to the Living Seas Centre.

We will be working in conjunction with The Wildlife Trust in the future, hopefully joining in when they come to Bridlington to clean the beach.