Kip on a Ship

On Wednesday and Thursday 13th/14th September a group of adults and year 6 pupils from Burlington took an educational visit to London. After an early start and a good journey we arrived in the capital, full of excitement and anticipation. We made our way straight to the Houses of Parliament where we were allowed access [...]


At Burlington Junior School, good attendance and punctuality is very important in order for your child to make progress in school. Poor attendance impacts negatively on pupil performance not only academically but also socially. However, we know at times that absence from school cannot be avoided, particularly when your child is ill. If your child [...]

100% Attendance

At Burlington Junior School, we understand the importance of attendance and its impact on Education. We draw one persons name out of a hat and reward them with a £20 gift card. To be eligible to go in the hat, the pupils must all have achieved 100% attendance for the whole of the academic school [...]

Sports Day

On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th, Burlington Junior School held their annual sports day. The weather held for both days thankfully and the children put in lots of effort in both their races and cheering their teams on. We saw a return to traditional races like the egg and spoon race, the wheelbarrow race, the [...]

Wider Opportunities Concerts

Each week all our pupils get the chance to play instruments and sing with Mr Croombs and Mr Rooke. The children are taught about the beat, pulse, rhythm and dynamics. They learn skills such as working together as a team, listening and coordination. They learn contemporary music pieces such as 'Eye of the tiger' by [...]

Ben Pipes Visits Burlington

Olympian Ben Pipes, visited Burlington Junior School to give our Year 6 pupils some volleyball coaching before competing on 11th July against other schools. Even though the weather was a little wet and dismal the pupils enjoyed their training session. Although they didn't gain a position in the competition, they played really well with lots [...]

Transition Day

Thursday 6th July was Transition day for all our pupils, so whilst the current Year 6 were kept occupied our Year 5 stepped into their shoes for the morning, to feel what it will be like in September being the role models for the rest of the school. All the year groups moved up and [...]

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Class 3 in Year 3 have been learning a song in French! Can you tell what it is? I think they do a great job and so had to post the video of them doing it.

World of Work

As the year 6 finish their SATs and are looking forward to their move to secondary school, we like to help them think about what sort of career they may like in the future. With this in mind, Mrs Noble has been busy arranging visits to lots of local businesses, hopefully to give the children [...]

Samba Drumming – Year 5

Year 5 have taken part in a fantastic transition music activity this week with the Louder than Life Music Company. The children have learnt how to keep a samba beat and rhythm and work together to create a good performance. They have been exposed to all manner of percussion instruments from shakers to surdo drums [...]